ALL OF US, a new album by Petra Magoni and Ilaria Fantin

Cari amici,

All of us is out now! The new album by Petra Magoni and Ilaria Fantin, produced by Giulio Cesare Ricci, is available on our online store… click here to buy it!

Passing emotions, like clouds, through notes of great musicians such as Sinéad O’Connor, Fabrizio De André, Domenico Modugno, Joni Mitchell, DeepPurple. This is All of us. The collection is introduced by the single “All of me”, a personal interpretation of the standard jazz piece already performed in the past by important artists such as Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. The disc is a tale where the evocative sound of the archlute blends with the unique timbre of Petra Magoni, creating an original synergy always in the direction of the listener. Everything is enhanced by the very high quality of sound, with attention to the smallest details.

“All of us” is an album that speak,s of all of us. Of the changeability of feelings and moods, from the definitive cry to a new dawn full of life. It is the culmination of our friendship and the first permanent testimony of all our encounters in music, fascinating and changeable like clouds.
– Ilaria Fantin