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Fonè technology

Recorder Nagra 4S

For the analogue standard, fonè uses perfectly restored original machines: Nagra 4S, a recorder introduced in 1971. Giulio Cesare Ricci used the Nagra 4s for the first time in 1978 for one of his first professional recordings. Since 1983, the year of birth of fonè records, the Nagra 4s has been used in the record productions of the label for the following 10 years.

Recorder Studer C37 and J37

For the analogue standard, fonè uses perfectly restored original machines including the Studer C37 and J37, the absolute protagonists of the most famous studios in the world throughout the 60s. It can be remembered how the Beatles used the J37 to record Sgt. Pepper in 1967. Since 2015, fonè has been using the J37 in a “unique” mode: 2 tracks, 1″ rather than 4 tracks, 1″. Crazy dynamics and tonal quality!

Microphones U47, U48 and M49

Pairs of Neumann valve microphones from the years 1947 and 1949 (U47, U48 and M49) are used with a very natural timbre using field effect bimicrophonic techniques. These microphones have an important history: they are in fact the original microphones used to record performances by the Beatles in the Abbey Road Studio and by RCA for the “Living Stereo” recordings.

Recorder Ampex ATR102

For the analogue standard, fonè uses perfectly restored original machines including the Ampex ATR102; speed 76cm per sec. with 1/2″ tapes, 2 tracks. Fonè introduces the Ampex from the early 2000s thanks to his friendship with the legendary David Manley, who modified the original machines.
Even the Rolling Stones used the Ampex! Sorry if it’s too little.

Micro Seiki 1000 Record player

The Micro Seiki 1000 Turntable is the epitome of excellence in the world of audio. With solid construction and precision craftsmanship, this turntable offers you an uncompromising musical experience. Thanks to its advanced technology and attention to detail, the Micro Seiki 1000 offers crystal clear audio reproduction and superior sound quality. Its isolating base minimizes unwanted vibrations, ensuring a clean and defined sound.

Sony F1 PCM Digital Recorders

Sony F1 PCM Digital Recorders

Sony F1 PCM digital recorders are designed for sound professionals, musicians and high fidelity enthusiasts looking for a device capable of capturing every sonic detail with maximum fidelity. Thanks to their PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) technology, these recorders allow you to record audio in high resolution, offering faithful and realistic audio reproduction.

Workstation Signoricci DSD

Workstation Signoricci DSD

Signoricci DSD workstations are the embodiment of excellence in music production. These high-end instruments offer advanced functionality and flawless performance, enabling artists and producers to create extraordinary musical works.