Audio@Home review: DOS – IN SIGHT

La rivista internazione Audio@Home recensisce la produzione discografica fonè DOS – IN SIGHT:

Eleonora Bianchini, Enzo Pietropaoli (DOS) – In Sight

“I mentioned recently that installing Fostex FE108-Sol drivers and removing the notch filters opened a new chapter in my audiophile journey, yet without good records this journey is leading to nowhere. In the context of my minimalistic approach, based upon crossover-less single-driver speakers, tube amplification and non-oversampling DAC, good record is one conceived in a process of utmost simplicity — use is made of single pair of microphones, no use of electronic manipulation or artificial correction of the signal — as the only way to produce natural sounding record. It turns out that Fonè Records  founder Giulio Cesare Ricci not only follows this principle, but even going further ahead by recording the performances in their natural spaces instead in a studio”

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