Fulvio Pierangelini recounts the Four Seasons

The juicy words of the great soloist of Italian cuisine declaimed upon notes by Vivaldi, performed by Salvatore Accardo and the Italian Chamber Orchestra, recorded by Giulio Cesare Ricci.
“For many years I have been wishing to involve Fulvio Pietrangelini in a recording project in which his Art could blend with Music…This is where the idea came from: a great “classic” by Vivaldi along with four short stories on the four seasons narrated by the great chef and friend of mine. He has always refused to write recipes and cooking books (apparently, he cannot stand them). However, I provoked him and asked him to write four tales on the four seasons. Then, I mixed them with the Four Seasons rendition by Salvatore Accardo and the Italian Chamber Orchestra, surely one of the most prestigious releases by fonè. To further spice things up, he was not only supposed to write, he was also due to “declaim” them. Finally, besides describing feelings, memories and details that went hand in hand with the flowing of days through the different seasons, I also asked him to add some “ingredients”. And here is the surprise within a surprise: every short story includes hidden – more or less covertly – precious and previously unrevealed suggestions by Pietrangelini, as well as some of his recipes”. These are the words used by Giulio Cesare Ricci to introduce this new, extremely peculiar project by fonè. A challenge and an extraordinary incitement to the international elite that surrounds the world of high cuisine (the translated text of the four stories in French and English is included within the CD booklet). On the other hand, it was a courageous and intriguing release, particularly important in such a delicate moment for the music industry. Those who have already listened to Pietrangelini’s short stories – narrated following the musical execution of the movements of each single Vivaldian season – immediately thought that it had to be the work of a professional writer. The truly touching voice of Fulvio Pietrangelini was captured by legendary Neumann microphones (the same used by Ella Fitzgerald and the Beatles), arranged and prepared according to the fine art of Mr fonè. Here is how Fulvio Pietrangelini described this new adventure, far from kitchens yet full of new ingredients: “Finally the dream of two wishful thinkers became a reality. Fixing my voice with the best possible quality in the world, inside the most magic, inconceivable recording studio. Those extraordinary microphones that were set to capture my words slowly warmed up, as if they were an impetuous, old-time 12-cylinder car. I am a chef, my voice is not prepared, and I surely did not attend the Actor Studio. Nevertheless, Giulio Cesare, who knows his way around, was calm and never stopped believing in this project”.

“Fulvio Pierangelini racconta Le Quattro Stagioni” available in these formats

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Fulvio Pierngelini racconta Le Quattro Stagioni

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