La celebre rivista americana THE ABSOLUTE SOUND parla di fonè

The Absolute Sound, rivista culto nel mondo dell’altà fedeltà dedicata un ricco approndimento al lavoro di Giulio Cesare Ricci defindonolo un “nomade della musica” ( Ricci is a bit of a nomad when it comes to the art of recording), proprio perchè fonè ama registrare nei luoghi della musica, seguendo ormai lo storico metodo del “natural sound recordings”. L’importante articolo della rivista americana si focalizza principalmente sulla produzione jazz di fonè records ponendo particolamente in luca una recente uscita discografica di Giulio Cesare Ricci: Scott Hamilton/Paolo Birro/Alfred Kramer: Bean and the Boys

“Any well-played tribute to tenor saxophonist legend Coleman Hawkins would be welcome, but this project is also special in other ways. When it comes to showing respect for the early tenor masters, you can’t do much better than Scott Hamilton, who long ago modeled his sound around Hawkins, Lester Young, Ben Webster, and others. Also, Bean and the Boys primarily focuses on compositions by Coleman Hawkins; the exceptions are Monk’s “I Mean You,” and “Body and Soul,” which, when Hawkins recorded it in 1939, contained one of the most important solos in jazz history. With intimate, unpretentious, straightforward playing and engineering that skillfully captures the ambience of the room where it was recorded, Bean and the Boys is highly recommended.”